MyMiniCity City Fetcher (Updated)

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So, I updated the myminicity fetcher to also have the ability to post a report to a web forum (vbulletin) after it gets done going through the various cities it has been asked to work with. To do this I added a few options to the script to take in the location of the forum, the thread ID that you want it to post to and the username/password that it needs to log in to the forum to post. To make it a little easier to use I have included a .bat file that can be edited to hold the username and password and other options and then just double-click the .bat file to run the fetcher. Not much else has been changed in the script beyond this.

"MyMiniCity" reads in a series of URLs and follows them one at a time to
increase a city's population or other industry.

usage: MyMiniCity

--url : URL of the minicity to add to the system

--file : file that holds the cities that MyMiniCity will visit and update

--forum : root path to the forum that MyMiniCity will submit the report to
: (default:

--thread: thread that MyMiniCity should add the report to
: (default: 1623220)

--user : username to log in to the web forum

--password: password to log in to the web forum


myminicity --url=location

myminicity --file=URL File

Package icon MyMiniCity.zip1.75 MB