Warhammer Fantasy Character Sheet and Sample Characters

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I've been playing in a Warhammer Fantasy 2nd Edition game with a group of friends and decided to take the Excel character sheet that we've been using and add it to this site's collection for other to use. It handles a lot of the calculations for improving the character as well as replicating that information to the other sheets. To help see it in use I've also added some of the characters that are in the two campaigns that are being run concurrently. The sheets should open in Excel 2003 with the 2007 compatibility pack. Siegfried - Human Bodyguard from Talabacland Furanin Bergrim - Dwarven Pit Fighter from Barak-Varr Mujal - Kroxigor Bodyguard Varl Jaeger - Human Road Warden from Reikland Questions? Comments? Feedback is always welcome.

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