Savage Worlds Character Generator Program on Kickstarter

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Journeyman Games, has just announced a Kickstarter for a new program, Wild Card Creator. The purpose of the program is to simplify the creating of characters for various settings by coming up with a way to read in a PDF that the user owns and converting the information into the necessary program elements, like finding all the new Edges, Skills and, possibly, the Equipment.

The Last Adventure

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A lone figure sat quietly atop a rock, looking down into a shaded vale high in the mountains as the last light of the sun rose up behind him. He was dressed in a pair of simple, yet well worn pants, a long tunic with slits down the sides below his waist to keep it from hindering his movement and a cloak of unusually exceptional make was clasped at the neck with a simple, yet elegantly designed leaf. His thick, stiff dark hair was shorn almost to the scalp of his deep, brown skin.

Legend of the Five Rings Character Sheet (4th Edition)

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Choose your Clan; Choose your Family; Defend your honor and gain fame while serving for the glory of your Family, Clan and for the Empire. Welcome to the Legend of the Five Rings. An Oriental-themed Role-playing Game set in the fantasy world of Rokugan. This is a world of subtlety and honor where you might spend your time negotiating with neighboring clans or serving on the wall defending the Empire of Rokugan from invasion by creatures of the Shadowlands.