Star Wars: Edge of the Empire, Beta (Week 5)

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Fantasy Flight Games (FFG), the publisher of the latest Star Wars RPG, is now into their sixth week of this Beta release. Each week FFG has taken feedback from the players in the open beta and put out updates to the game. The first week was minor updates to the various species to fix minor issues. The second week included updates to the Force Exile Career and the specializations available. The third week’s update was minor fixes to the various weapons, mostly lowering the damage and adjusting the prices.

Effective Scene Lighting for CG Space... Organic

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In the previous lesson we looked at lighting organic-based ships: those with lots of curved surfaces rather than those with angular, flat panels.

All my beta-buddies (Fabio, Craig Clark etc.) have told me that this lesson is uneccessary, following the previous lighting lesson, so I will compromise and make this a short one.


Betterspace Lightwave Tutorials

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Betterspace was a series of tutorials that originally appeared on the site Unfortunately they disappeared from the Net sometime in the last 5 years. What is presented here are the tutorials that I was able to resurrect thanks to a program called Warrick that is able to use sites like the Wayback machine and the Google cache.