The Last Parsec

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The Last Parsec is a new setting for the Savage Worlds system that recently finished up as a Kickstarter project with resounding success. Humanity has spread out into the stars. Millions of worlds have been explored, colonized, or catalogued. These worlds form a region of space called the Known Worlds. Under the auspices of the JumpCorp, many jobs are available. Whether going out to collect bounties, explore new worlds, make contact with new and exotic alien species or battle rival corporations, there is still plenty to be done out at the edge of the Known Worlds.

Unlike other setting books released from Pinnacle or Licensed publishers, The Last Parsec won't have a core book of its own. Instead, it is planned to have 3 setting books and utilize the Savage Worlds Science Fiction Companion as the basis for the races and equipment available to intrepid adventurers of the Known Worlds.