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Hoi, Chummer. Welcome to the 21st Century of gaming. With a return to gaming as a player, I've taken up the task of just trying to get notes down about what has happened in the game sessions so that some of the information isn't lost over time and help track what the group is up to. Rather than just using something simple and old fashioned, like paper, or slightly newer ideas, like a Word document, I've taken to utilizing a new tool that has been discussed before.

Jade Regent 1 of 6We're currently running through the Pathfinder Adventure Path known as Jade Regent. Starting off in a small town that was the center of a previous Adventure Path, we've found ourselves forced to cross the great Northern lands to get to another land.

Only some details here and there have I bothered to track as the modules seem to be a fairly linear story moving the players from A to B in one way or another, but it has helped to track the various items we've taken from different areas of the adventure to help sell off the excess and keep going. The log is fairly simple with few cross-links for information, but shows how basic information can be captured.

The other group is a diverse group of Shadowrunners, making our way through the dark shadows of the Boston Metroplex area of the UCAS, in the world of Shadowrun from Catalyst Games. The adventure so far has been less linear and resulted in a need to capture and organize information better. NPC names, occupations, locations, debts, favors... it all adds up.

Capturing this information and organizing it has also helped to remember it from game session to session, just like the act of taking notes in class helps trap the information better than just mindlessly listening to the teacher lecture.

Game Logs:

Pathfinder - Jade Regent

Shadowrun - Boston runs

Take a look and give it a try. See what can be done with the basics.