War of the Dead: Alternate Beginnings

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Nearly a year ago Daring Entertainment ran a kickstarter for an expansion/campaign guide for the War of the Dead titled World of the Dead. As part of that they have released War of the Dead: Alternate Beginnings, a replacement for the first six weeks of Chapter One for War of the Dead. Instead of being on a Caribbean cruise, isolated and unaware, the players are there when the outbreak begins and the world falls. The nightmare begins quickly and doesn't let up through the replacement weeks that end and are taken up by week seven of Chapter One.

For those that have run through the original War of the Dead adventures, this makes for a nice change to how it all begins for the players. The new weeks are interesting and well paced and still introduce the players to people that they need to meet and places to go.

For those that haven't played through War of the Dead before, then this alternate beginning might be a better one to use if the party really should come from diverse backgrounds that might not work with being on a cruise ship. Are you a bum, living on the street? Maybe a soldier, home for a weekend leave. Or a kid, still in school, with a family looking out for you.

Overall, the new weeks are a good beginning, but the pages need a bit more editing to clean up some basic grammar issues, like sentences missing minor words.

Enjoy, and happy hunting