War (World) of the Dead Character Sheet

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"One day, everything was normal. Kids went to school. Parents went to work or stayed home doing normal chores. Highways suffered from traffic jams and people committed petty crimes (and not so petty) against each other. And then IT happened. A flu struck that was unlike any other before it. People quickly got sick, some seemed to die, and when they woke up... they were Different. Hungry. Feral. They felt no pain and just seemed to want to eat their fellow man. Order collapsed so fast as the problems weren't just in one place, but seemingly everywhere at once."

War of the Dead is a campaign of horror survival in a world fallen into hell. World of the Dead is the follow-on Plot Point campaign that takes place several years after the events in the four chapters that comprise the War of the Dead.

This character sheet is designed to be fillable within Adobe Reader and savable if using at least Acrobat Reader XI. It is themed for the campaign and provides space for ammo and other necessities when trying to survive in this world gone to hell.

PDF icon War of the Dead Character Sheet1.49 MB