Only War Character Sheets

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Only War, the latest setting from Fantasy Flight Games for the Warhammer 40K universe. You are the masses that are the last line of defense of the Imperium against the outsiders that threaten the God-Emperor's reign. How did you get to where you are? Were you conscripted from your world and forced into the fight? Or did you volunteer to be part of the army to fight for glory, honor or just plain survival against the hordes of aliens, heretics and daemons?

Below are the character sheets, in PDF format, that are editable and savable from within Adobe Reader. It's not that obvious, but next to each skill is a button that allows the value to be cleared out, so if one of the modes is accidentally clicked (like marking the skill as Trained) then it can be removed to return it to the blank state.

The sheets have been updated to work a bit better for readability. The line that separates the top of the first page from the skills section now allows for text to be written in it. Some of the other fields have been adjusted (centered or resized) to help put the text in a better position.

Enjoy and happy gaming.